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About our Products

Our delicious and tasty seafood are frozen and imported from the Persian Gulf. Whether our items are caught wild or organically farmed, we make sure to catch and farm them in an ethical and sustainable way.

Also, we always endeavor to maximize the taste of our products by transporting them quickly to your shop or restaurant.

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 For thirty years we have caught and farmed fresh fish and prawns in the Persian Gulf

Our Fish and Prawns


Vannamei Prawns

(also known as King Prawn, Pacific White Shrimp or Whiteleg Shrimp)


We stock a wide variation of this popular and in-demand prawn. These prawns are very versatile and can be sold in a number of ways to really suit the demands of your customers

Available as:

  • Headless
  • Whole prawn
  • Devoured Prawn
  • With Head/Without Head
  • With/Without Tail
  • In any other form

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Barramundi Fish

(also known as Asian Sea Bass)


It is only recently that this nourishing and healthy fish has started to appear in British shops and restaurants. Extremely popular in Australia and Asia, recent logistical developments mean we can offer this item in the United Kingdom.

The Barramundi has a beautiful taste and can be used in a number of dishes and cuisines.

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Blue Swimming Crabs

(also known as Blue Crab, Flower Crab, Sand Crab or Blue Manna Crab)


These crabs have a hefty white meat content which is both flavoursome and mouthwatering. This crab can be delivered in a number of ways to really suit your requirements.

Available as:

  • Whole
  • Half Cut


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The Importance of Quality

At Gold Star Fish and Prawns, we understand that the most important thing when it comes to our products is the quality. Whether our fish and prawns are caught wild or farmed, we make major efforts to ensure that our seafood looks appetizing and tastes delicious.

Our products are frozen to really lock in the great taste and imported quickly through our distribution channels so that the time spent is transit is really minimized. If you would like to learn more about how we distribute seafood to London from the Persian Gulf, please get in touch.