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Our experience is long and varied. For more than thirty years we have caught and farmed fresh fish and prawns in the Persian Gulf and exported these to a number of locations around the world.

It is through this experience that we have really developed our understanding and knowledge of farming, catching and distributing seafood, so that our products are always tasty, delicious and affordable. 





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How we are Different


Our fish and seafood are caught and farmed in the Persian Gulf. This is important because much of the seafood that is frozen and imported originates from Asia. The climate of the Persian Gulf means that the seafood can really thrive in the warmer climate and this can really be tasted in the flavour and quality of our seafood.


There are a vast number of seafood distributors in London, the United Kingdom and worldwide. At Gold Star Fish and Prawns, we aim to differentiate ourselves from the competition by always placing a particular emphasis on service. We want to cultivate strong healthy relationships with our valued customers and clients by always being fair and transparent when it comes to our pricing and products.


We specialise in the distribution of Vannamei Prawns, Barramundi Fish and Blue Swimming Crabs – but the items we stock and sell is long and diverse. If you are looking for a particular product, please get in contact with us, for detailed information about all of the seafood that we distribute in London.


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