About Gold Star Fish and Prawns 

Gold Star Fish and Prawns provide freshly frozen and reliable seafood distribution in London.

We have a variety of fish products to offer but specialise in Vannamei Prawns, Barramundi Fish and Blue Swimming Crabs. We make sure that our products are farmed and caught in a way to really lock in the freshness and taste of the seafood.

Importantly, we transport and distribute the fish quickly and efficiently so that your customers will be able to notice the difference when they taste our fish and prawns.

If you are looking for efficient seafood distribution in London, please get in touch with our team to discuss ordering our exotic, top quality fish, crabs and prawns.

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Seafood Distributor in London and UK



Our Products

Our product range is large and always expanding. For detailed information about our products, please contact us.
Here is a selection of our most popular and delicious items.



 Seafood Distributor in London and UK


Vannamei Prawns

(also known as King Prawn, Pacific White Shrimp or Whiteleg Shrimp)

Our Vannamei Prawns are caught wild or farmed and we stock a number of variations of this delicious and tasty prawn. Whether you are looking for the prawn headless, whole or with/without a tail, we sell this product in a number of alternatives – please contact us about the different prawns we distribute in London.





Seafood Distributor in London and UK





Barramundi Fish

(also known as Asian Sea Bass)

This native Australian Fish is farmed in the Persian Gulf and also caught wild. Delicious, nutritious and sustainable, you can rely on us to distribute this fish to your restaurant reliably and at a clear, transparent price.





Seafood Distributor in London and UK


Blue Swimming Crabs

(also known as Blue Crab, Flower Crab, Sand Crab or Blue Manna Crab)

We also distribute the delightful Blue Swimming Crab. We also stock this item in a number of variations and you can choose to order the crab whole or half cut. Please contact us for more information about this tasty and nourishing seafood.




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We like to differentiate our company from competition by really focusing on the quality of our seafood. It is our number one concern that you and your customers will really be able to taste the superiority of our products when you choose our products.


It is relatively recent, that we started expanding our operations to London and the United Kingdom. However, our company has been trading fish and prawns for over 35 years. We have only been able to do this by being dependable, consistent and fair.


We work hard to provide a first-class service. For example, we do not add extra water to our frozen goods to increase the weight of the products. We want to cultivate strong and healthy relationships with our customers, and the only way to do this is by being fair, transparent and ethical.

For more information about our seafood distribution in London, please get in touch.

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Seafood Distributor in London and UK

Seafood Distributor in London and UK

Seafood Distributor in London and UK






Our Customers

We have a wide and diverse range of clients and customers.

We are able to serve:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Shops
  • Individual Customers

All of our seafood product are of the finest quality and come in a variety of prepared ways.



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